Agroluserna SRL


Trade Registry No. J12/3376/2004

Sole Registration Code and Fiscal Identification Code: RO14358620

Headquarters: Mihai Viteazu Commune

                      Mihai Viteazu Village FN

Post Code 407405

Cluj County, Romania

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The farm was built in 1975 by an American model, baby-beef type farm, suited for breeding and fattening young cattle. Hence the name of the farm, well known in the area: BABY BEEF.

This unit was and is over 30 years a farm specializing in breeding and exporting young cattle, being currently authorized for intercommunity trading and direct export of live cattle as well as for breeding and fattening cattle.

In 2000 the farm was bought by foreign investors, thus becoming the beneficiary of an experience of over 57 years and 10 generations of breeders and traders of cattle in Italy. After purchasing the buildings were75% renovated and upgraded.

Agroluserna SRL operates in this unit for 10 years, continuing the tradition of "baby beef" and capitalizing the experience of owners in the sale of live animals and meat from breeding farms and cattle slaughterhouses in Italy.

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