Agroluserna SRL


Trade Registry No. J12/3376/2004

Sole Registration Code and Fiscal Identification Code: RO14358620

Headquarters: Mihai Viteazu Commune

                      Mihai Viteazu Village FN

Post Code 407405

Cluj County, Romania

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If you want to bring calves at the farm you must know:

We buy only top quality calves weighing between 70 and 200 kg adequate for meet and horns removed, preferably Romanian Piebald and Blue Belgian breed. Purchase prices are determined on the spot depending on age, sex, race and quality.

Animals must bear an ear tags and be accompanied by bovine passport, F2 form of movement and health certificate issued by the owner’s veterinarian.

Our data, necessary for correct completion of F2 form are: Agroluserna SRL, CUI RO14358620, Mihai Viteazu, Cluj County, working code for collection center RO0552869002. You can come without these data, but with all copies of the form and we shall fill them in.

It is mandatory that the transport of animals to the farm to be performed by means of transportation veterinary authorized.

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